My Home, Your Joy!

Proprietor: Valerie Pickles
Previous Homes: Canada, England
Future Home: Here in Yucatan, I have finally found my paradise.
Travel tip: Search for what hidden Mexico has to offer!

Restaurant open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

7:30 AM until 8:30 PM (Winter Hours)
7:30 AM until 9:30 PM (Summer Hours)

The Staff

Samuel worked in the United States for three years in the restaurant business and speaks English.

Mauricio comes with more than eight years of experience: four years in Uxmal and four years as a chef in the United States. He also speaks English.

Sami also comes with many years of experience as a chef in the hotels of Uxmal.

All the boys are from Santa Elena. They work hard and work together and even with me! We have a great working relationship and you may even hear sounds of laughter coming from the kitchen.